Redux: Pediatric Sterilization and Problems as Predicted

Hi Everyone,

It’s been years since I’ve checked in… busy with life and trying to paint. Photographing my work and blogging about art or life and the critters I love just doesn’t seem to happen.

This will be a short post…just to make sure I remember how to do it 🙂

At any rate, that beautiful puppy I wrote about two years (after the death of Zolton)…well he has four bum-limbs. In fact, the orthopod has written him up as having “four lame limbs.” 

Without going into it too much tonight let’s just say he was born with elbow dysplasia which was undiagnosed and has now developed into Fragmented Coronoid Process (FCP) and severe arthritis in BOTH elbows. 

As if that isn’t enough, he has two partially torn ACLs (dog version) requiring TPLO surgery. HUGE undertaking. Totally pissed. The cost is staggering. The rehab for both knees is almost a year and no one knows what the hell we can do about the severe mess that are his elbows.

All he does is lie around clearly not trying to indicate his pain. All of this, I’m conjecturing is due to, at least in part, pediatric sterilization!! The research shows that there can be problems with the bones of dogs who have had their hormones messed with due to this inhumane practice. My Lord! These are babies and we are neutering them when they are infants and they haven’t even had a chance to produce hormones naturally and allow their growth plates to close.

So that’s it. All I can share of this tragic tale tonight. I had this premonition 2 years ago and, alas, my instincts were spot on. Now I have a sweet, loving darling with more issues than anyone knows what to do with.

I’ll catch you later on this.



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