Say NO to pediatric sterilization

Hi folks,

I still haven’t written about Zolton’s very last few days. I can’t at the moment. I’m a wreck. But I am trying to heal the pain with a new puppy, however, finding one is really, really hard!!

I’m trying to do the right thing and get a “rescue” puppy but the rescue-community is dogmatically self-righteous in insisting upon pediatric sterilization. This is horrible for the animal–you are interrupting that angel’s normal hormonal development–and many cancers are linked to it. If you don’t believe me, take a look at some of the research:

I found one boy I really want, named Derby. He’s a Pyrenees mix–possibly with Newfoundland:Image

I simply don’t like that he’s been neutered.

And then I LOVED these Newfie-mixed litter mates. One’s father might have been lab, the other’s Rottie. HAPPY is the one who might have a lab for a daddy, (below), 


And Kenji, Happy’s brother, probably had a Rottie for a daddy.


My issue with these boys (well actually I would only take Happy) is twofold. First and very seriously, they may have been exposed to Parvo which is a deadly virus. The Rescue group has them in quarantine for two weeks (but they really need 21 days). And secondly, she is absolutely 100% adamant  about neutering these boys as soon as they come out of quarantine. I begged…I mean BEGGED for her to give me the latitude to neuter him when it was physically prudent to do so and she flat out refused. REFUSED. No case-by-case assessment here. Just plain, full on, self-righteous dogma. And, hey, it’s her right. They are her dogs. But she wants me to make my decision tonight, before we even know if the dog will make it and that, to me, is unreasonable. Therefore, I am going to pass on the dog.

I think it is important for more of us to pass on these dogs. To not do business with these rescuers and puppy mills that know the facts and continue to operate within their flawed paradigms!

So what do you think? Does Derby look like Zolton when he was a puppy?


I think so.

Now can I get over the early-neutering thing? 



One thought on “Say NO to pediatric sterilization

  1. Melissa — get what you want and don’t worry about the voices around you insisting that the only “right” way is the rescue way. If they impose restrictions upon you that you find wrong, then don’t feel that you have to go that way, anyway.

    The right dog will come, at the right time. Enjoy the process — it will be part of your shared story in the long future I hope for the two of you.

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