Noah’s Ark

Not much new to report on this blog so I’m sharing what “life” is throwing at me now…..everyone can relate to the pain in losing a most beloved pet. I welcome any or all comments. xx

The Zolton Chronicles

I don’t think I was suffering so acutely during the process of watching and waiting while my wonderful father passed. This Zolton mess is close to doing me in and we just started!! A note about Dad: he had emphysema and was dying for years and it was a chronic heartache. This is like the crap hit the fan with one mind-blowing revelation.

My girlfriend, The Cat Doctor in Hellertown, PA, is a brilliant vet though she only deals with cats in her practice. I have never met a smarter nor kinder more compassionate vet. So I faxed her Zolton’s ultrasound report. She corroborated the prognosis but really helped in clarifying much of the grim details.

The big thing which no one spelled out was that there is a 9.8 cm mass in the sacral lymph nodes. That is almost 4 gosh darn inches in diameter! This thing is in…

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